Are you not sure what knife to use when you cut chicken to prepare it for cooking? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to cut onions properly with a knife for meat? Have you seen some amazing cutting items at famous chefs and you aren’t sure whether you should purchase them for your kitchen? Here is an article that will satisfy your desire to find out more about kitchen knives.

Knives are the oldest cutlery used by men, even though their initial purpose was not to help people eat, but instead – to help them as fighting weapons. Knives with rounded ends were invented by the French king, Louis XIV, who felt that their shape was quite threatening, so he ordered their pointed ends to be cut off.

In every kitchen there should be at least three different types of knives, which are considered the very basic: the main chef knife, a knife for peeling and a serrated knife blade. You can add to them other knives of various sizes which are variations of the three basic knives aforementioned, but you can find sets that contain a knife for cutting bread, a knife to loosen flesh from the bones, which is thin and slightly bent.

The chef’s knife is the one you will use most in the kitchen. You can use it to chop, slice or cut into cubes different foods. The most recommended chef knives for home use are the ones with 20 inches long blades, while the restaurant cooks usually prefer knives with a blade of 30 inches. The size of the knife you use depends on how well you can handle its weight, so you should try on the knives before buying them for your kitchen; hold them in your hand and try to use them to cut imaginary food. If you try a chef’s knife with curved blade, do not worry, its particular shape is meant for the use to handle it better.

It wasn’t until two hundred years ago, however, when Ed.WÜSTHOF Dreizackwerk ofSolingen’s passion for sharp objects has turned this apparently ordinary kitchen utensil into a really valuable, priceless for some, asset for cooking. For two hundred years now, the company founded in 1814 by the German entrepreneur has been producing knives of the finest quality, made of the most durable materials. The WÜSTHOF knives need to pass 38 different steps of manufacturing so they can be declared safe and ready for the use of public. Each step is performed with the greatest care for detail, and according to the exacting standards, by skilled employees, trained for months specifically for this process.

These knives blades are forged from one piece of a steel alloy designed to resist corrosion. Ergonomic handles are made of resin and are attached with three rivets for safety. The Soling-en knives turn cooking into a joy because you have at hand the right knife, whatever ingredient you want to cut with it.

WÜSTHOF produce several collections of knives, grouped under different names: Classic, Le Cordon Bleu, Culinary, Grand Prix II and Gourmet. The company has an extended offer that covers almost all kitchen purposes, preferences of size, color, material and weight of knives.

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