For a blender to be worth its name it needs that, besides its basic functions of mixing, beating and homogenizing, to also perform the tasks of a mincing machine; in addition, In addition, it must have special knives to cut / slice, chop and knead dough. However, you need to decide what features you need your blender to have and act accordingly. Some people confuse the blender with the juicer; while the juicer separates the juice from the fruit pulp, but the blender mixes them and homogenizes this mixture.

Whether you want to chop an onion or drink delicious fruit shakes, you need a good, strong and powerful blender. If you are going to buy such a device, which can leverage your work in the kitchen, here are some elements you need to consider.

The container and its capacity

Blenders usually come in two versions: plastic or glass. Glass is preferred by most people because it is more durable, more stable, while the plastic container is more sensitive, is more likely to crack and scratch quickly. Meanwhile, the capacity of the container is very important. Choose a vessel that has at least 1 L capacity. From this point of view, here are some suggestions of purchases you can make: KitchenAid Gloss Cinnamon Bar Blender, Cuisinart Chrome Duet Blender/Food Processor or Waring Brushed Stainless Professional Bar Blender.

The base of the blender

If you have to choose between plastic and metal, opt for the base metal – it is stronger, more durable and more stable than plastic ones (it does not move, nor vibrate). Of course, a blender with the base metal is more expensive.

As many features as possible

Check the number of possible settings to determine if the device is the best choice for your needs. A device that gives you more options (large or small chop, blending, breaking ice, etc.) will be more useful to you in the future even if you do not realize it at the moment. A good option is the “PULS” option, an option which allows you to provide more power for a better or a faster result (some sort of Turbo option).

Resistant and high-power blades

If you plan to prepare drinks with ice with your blender, look for a device that has highly resistant, stainless steel blades; the instructions should also mention that the machine is fit to be used for breaking ice, or else you might realize it breaks down the first time you attempt to prepare an ice drink. Also, if you intend to break the ice with it, acquire a more powerful device with resists to high power (of at least 350 W). Vita-Mix Brushed Stainless Bar Blender, KitchenAid Empire Red Bar Blender and Cuisinart White Duet Blender/Food Processor are devices known to resist breaking ice cubes.

Search for online reviews of the products

If you already decided to purchase a certain blender, don’t run out and buy it in that very second. You can ask your acquaintances or friends whether they know anything about that product or you can search for online reviews of the blender. Another great tool for deciding which product to buy is Price Rhythm’s mobile app. Price Rhythm’s Personal Shopping Advisor app can help you fit the best product for your needs. The app is currently available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and even Blackberry’s playbook.

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